Enabling technology
in clothing to build
incredible things

Enabling technology
in clothing to build
incredible things

Funktion* developed the first all-in-one solution for clothing brands to enable an easy integration of smart functions into clothing. We took care of everything so the fashion industry has the freedom to do what they are best at while bringing their products to the digital and connected world.

Trusted, funded and awarded by

Easy to implement
Easy to use

Funktion* modules (1) integrate technology into a textile design. They can be  interconnected, combined or repositioned within any item of clothing that comes with a Kontakt Grid* (2). A universal app (3) is the control center.

A streamlined development makes smart clothing accessible to everyone. Modularity enables experiences tailored specifically to every customer group.

Being ready-for-Funktion*
is easy

This supply part is made for textiles only and works with your current production methods.

Mix-and-match your technology & fashion

Modules come in all shapes and technologies. Combine them for unique products.

Your clothing's
control center

One app for all users. Set up products, install functions, automate workflows.

Designed for

Fashion brands

To use todays technological innovations in clothing

Technology companies
To bring their technology
into the clothing world

To use technology more intuitive and human

Purposeful integrations

We believe the „smart“ in smart clothing should be more than a fashion add-on. Here are some meaningful applications that Funktion* is bringing to clothing.

You're a fashion brand with something specific in mind?

Concept 2018

Founded 2020



Market readiness dev

First customers

Funktion* is focused on certification & testing as we move towards launching the first product. If you are looking for ways to implement technology into your textile products we should talk.

Why is Funktion* different

Today smart textiles are all built in the same costly way. We think that’s the wrong way so we went to work and came up with a whole new solution.

No development needed

We offer a solution for every point in the value chain of smart textiles that eliminates the need for expensive custom developments.


Giving users the opportunity to individualize their tech and enable the fashion industry to produce at lower costs

We take care of electronics

If somethings broken we fix it so you can focus on your business. Furthermore, everything is certified according to international standards.

Future upgradeability

Through the modular system and updates the hardware and software will never be outdated.

Integrated in 15 secs

Compared to other smart clothing thats in the blink of an eye.

Understand your customer

Let reliable data drive your development.




customer feedback

Product configurator

Streamline your development process with our builder tool.

Upload your sewing patterns and develop your smart clothing digitally in minutes. Add quantities and get a quote in real time. Developing smart clothing has never been that easy.

Supply parts & modules

Get all the electronics that are required for making your product smart. The cool thing: You can use already existing tools of your  production line to implement the electronic parts.

User - App

Of course we took care of the software so you don´t have to. Your customers can manage all functions super intuitively in our beautifully designed app.

Data backend

With the Funktion* data backend you are able to access useful data that your product generates and get automated real user feedback to optimize your next product.


Details make
great products

Funktion* comes with solutions like intuitive charging, streamlined customer onboarding and future-proof upgradability. That means fashion brands can focus on the overall product without worrying about details of technology.

Clothing is for humans

Clothing has always been modular. Every morning we choose a combination of items that suit the weather, occasion and how we feel. For the first time in smart clothing, that same flexibility applies to the technological parts.

Funktion* is
your playground

The number of modules is constantly growing and so is the number of possible combinations. Your customers are looking for something that doesn’t exist yet? Let’s build it together.

For clothing brands

Funktion* is made for clothing brands. Implement with existing processes and machinery. Make products tailored to your customers. Be the innovator.


For tech companies

You are a tech company and users should be able to wear your technology? Make a module that integrates with the platform and works with all kinds of clothes.


And everyone else

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