What are the advantages of working with Funktion*

You only need one partner to enter the Smart Textile market - Funktion*

Our offer closes the entire gap of missing solutions up to the marketability of smart textiles, instead of only covering individual sub-areas such as connectors, electronics or software. This holistic approach is not yet available on the market and offers manufacturers the great advantage of not having to process various partial solutions and supplier parts in their own development, but instead being able to skip this process. 

We take care of the development

Development expertise in the areas of electronics, hardware production and software is not yet available at most textile manufacturers. The economic implementation of smart textiles is made possible for the first time by these comprehensive solutions for a large number of manufacturers. The interaction between the modules is controlled via an app provided by us free of charge, also here our customer saves costs for app development, maintenance and support.

The fact that no development is required and that our Kontakt Grid*, which is the only part needed to make textiles ready for Function*, can be purchased in small quantities, reduces the financial risk significantly.

Easy integration - from Textile to Smart Textile in seconds

The connector we have developed is specifically designed for everyday use in clothing. The innovative solutions in detail enable a user-friendliness that is crucial for success in the market. Easy-to-implement manufacturing methods will also be important for the widespread availability of smart textiles. Many of the solutions developed in these areas are unique to date and give Funktion* a head start.

Our Kontakt Grid* has been designed so that it can be integrated with a standard textile press (which is available in every textile production) within a few seconds. All that is required is to replace the standard rubber mat with our custom made mat.

What do the end customers get out of it?

In addition to the advantage of saving time and money during development, the modular structure enables our customer to offer products tailored to its own target group. In the emerging market of smart textiles, which is growing many times faster than traditional clothing, early positioning will prove valuable in the long term. 

Funktion* will open the door for new products that intelligently support different people in many situations. The wide range of possible products means that many new buying incentives can be created. Different markets and also niche markets can be addressed without much effort. 


Funktion* is an open system, which means that our Moduls* work in all jackets that have our system installed. So the function modules can not only be used in different jackets in your own closet, but also be lent to friends and relatives with jackets that have the Funktion* system installed.

Modularity is also an opportunity to use products more sustainably. In the event of a defect, individual parts can be replaced or repaired instead of replacing the entire garment. The range of functions of the existing clothing can be continuously expanded with new modules.