Enabling technology in clothing to build incredible things

Get more useful benefits out of your clothing with smart functions

Wireless phonecharger
8 min until your smartphone is fully charged.
Air quality
No acute health risk from air pollution
Haptic navigation
Follow the haptic feedback to get to your destination.
Automatic heat
Your jacket is now heating up.

There are hundreds of usecases you can choose from.
These are just a few:

the products

Ï will ease the
development of smart clothing
by supplying products from
start to finish.

Our product - the only all in one solution

Product configurator

Streamline your development process with our builder tool.

Upload your sewing patterns and develop your smart clothing digitally in minutes. Add quantities and get a quote in real time. Developing smart clothing has never been that easy.

Supply parts & modules

Get all the electronics that are required for making your product smart. The cool thing: You can use already existing tools of your  production line to implement the electronic parts.

User - App

Of course we took care of the software so you don´t have to. Your customers can manage all functions super intuitively in our beautifully designed app.

Data backend

With the Funktion* data backend you are able to access useful data that your product generates and get automated real user feedback to optimize your next product.

how it works — a deepdive into the technology

Develop your next smart clothing digitally -
in no time

Choose the usecases you want your smart clothing to be ready for and upload your sewing patterns. Based on that a wiring harness, the „Kontakt Grid*“  is individually generated for your product. Our intelligent builder tool will then automatically generate a list of all the electronic parts ans modules you need. You can also get creative and build your own KontaktGrid* based on specific requirements.

With real time quotation and a streamlined order process, developing smart clothing has never been easier.

how it works — a deepdive into the technology

Apply the Kontakt Grid* into your products using the machines you already own

The Kontakt Grid* is the only piece of technology that needs to be integrated into your textile. It is as simple as putting a print on a T-Shirt and only takes 15 seconds and a heatpress. Funktion* reduces the electronic parts that are implemented to the minimum, saving you time and cost.

Of cause everything is washable and sweat resistant.

how it works — a deepdive into the technology

Users can attach Moduls* by snapping them onto the magnetic Kontakt Grid*

After the Kontakt Grid* is implemented into the clothing piece it is ready to be equipped with the Moduls*.  Every Modul* has a function such as power, sensoring, heat, light or haptics. Users can put them into every piece of „ready for Funktion*“ clothing. Thanks to the custom-designed magnetic connector, Modul*s can always be switched, rearranged and adapted according to the users needs. The range of modules allows you to run nearly any function you can imagine.

how it works — a deepdive into the technology

The app is all your customer needs to connect the modules and control the functions

Users can select their widgets in the App according to the usecase and the modules will be automatically connected to run those functions. 

A user needs stats on his fitness level and advice on how to avoid injuries? Run the fitness widget. Next time he needs simple tips to improve everyday life or get important safety warnings? Install air quality or the bike safety widget. You can always rearrange your modules and widgets giving you endless functions.

The App also provides intuitive step by step setup guides and support. Once set up, it works automatically even without smartphone control. 

how it works — a deepdive into the technology

Be ahead of your competition by knowing what your customers really want

For the first time ever your products can communicate with you after they leave you. Use this to understand your target group even better. What are your products used for? What other products might your customer be interested in?

Let high value data feedback drive your next development.


It has never been easier to enter the smart clothing world. With the modular kit, Funktion* allows brands to create experiences tailored specifically to their customers by 

adding new use cases  to already existing products by only adding new modules. 

Finally the electronics can be as individual as our clothing. You don’t like the color of your smart jacket anymore? No problem, just switch the modules to your new jacket.

That results in the simplest
product on the market

key facts

with standardized electronic supply parts for nearly every usecase you can imagine.

Compared to other smart clothing thats in the blink of an eye.

If somethings broken we fix it so you can focus on your business. Furthermore, everything is certified according to international standards.

Have the competitive advantage by being the first mover with an innovative technology.

Let reliable data drive your development.

What is the future you want to build?

We know that you know your customers best. Build smart clothing that they love using the Funktion* supply parts, development kits, App and Modul*s.


Start now with our builder tool and get a quote in real time.