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What’s next in clothing?

Clothing is the most individual product in the world. It constantly has to adapt to weather, style, mood and occasion. Technology is rapidly becoming a significant part of these clothes. To be viable in that world, it needs to adapt just as much. Wouldn’t it be great if you could individually combine and exchange smart functions in clothing according to your needs?

How it works

Funktion* is a platform of solutions that enables fashion companies to easily build smart textile products for the consumer market. The solutions address development, manufacturing and daily use.

1 - Kontakt Grid*

The Kontakt Grid* is a supply part developed specifically to be easily integrated into current textile production methods. It is fully clothing compatible. Modul*s can be magnetically attached to it to be connected with power and data.

2 - Moduls*

Every Modul* has a function such as power, sensors, heat, light or haptics. Users can put them into all ready for Funktion* clothes. Modul*s can always be switched, rearranged and adapted according to the users need.

3 - Funktion* App

The Funktion* App is free to all users. Besides being the control center, its recipes provide countless functions and automations. It also provides intuitive step by step setup guides and support.

One piece of clothing
All the functions
you can imagine​​

Smart Clothing opens a world of new possibilities. With its modular kit, Funktion* allows brands to create experiences tailored specifically to their customers. And users to build exactly the product they need.

The process

If you are interested in expanding into the smart textile market, you can just give us a call and we will go through the following process together.

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Supply Parts

Order Modules

What is the future you want to build?

We know that you know your customers best. Build smart clothing that is right for them using the Funktion* supply parts, development kits, App and Modul*s.

For clothing brands

Funktion* is made for clothing brands. Implement with existing processes and machinery. Make products tailored to your customers. Be the innovator.


For tech companies

You are a tech company and users should be able to wear your technology? Make a module that integrates with the platform and works with all kinds of clothes.


And everyone else

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